Alex Eidt

Alex Eidt


I am a Software Engineer with a background in Electrical Engineering. My interests include systems programming, digital logic, cryptography, signal processing, computer vision/graphics, and non-photorealistic rendering.

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Chess Engine with a GUI.

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Chrome Dinosaur Game Clone.


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An Audio I/O Library to Read, Write and Play Audio using FFmpeg, FFprobe and FFplay.

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QR Code Generator built in pure Go.

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Escape-Time Fractal Explorer for Mandelbrot and Julia Sets.

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Quadtree Image Compression.

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Pencil Sketch Renderer.


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For my EE 469 class, I built a 64-Bit 5 Stage Pipelined ARM CPU.


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Simple, Cross-Platform Video I/O and Streaming library using FFmpeg.

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Real-time Seam Carving with object removal on a GUI.

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A real-time color ASCII Video and Image renderer.

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For my EE 371 final project, my partner and I implemented a side-scroller game on a FPGA on an Altera DE1 SoC board.

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Conway's Game of Life Simulator with image and video recording.

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A Word Search Generator with a GUI.

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A web app with geospatial schedule visualization and recursive course prerequisite tree generation for courses offered at the University of Washington.


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Borussia Dortmund Logo Football. Dortmund!
Piano Icon Piano.
Bike Icon Biking. Exercise and exploration.
Python Icon Coding. Go, Python, C, Kotlin.

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